Sabbath School

Sabbath School time provides the opportunity for Church members to meet and study God's Word and provides a sense of fellowship and community. It promotes: personal spiritual growth... the sharing of thoughts and feelings... aspirations and hopes... gathering of strength... light and encouragement from one another... reclamation... evangelistic and social outreach... this is what Sabbath School is all about!

Sabbath School has four specific objectives:

Study of the Word - Sabbath School helps members develop a devotional life and teaches them how to interpret and apply the principles of the Scriptures to their lives.

Fellowship - Sabbath School fosters fellowship among members in the weekly Sabbath School Class. It encourages its members to recruit new members and it also fosters ways to restore inactive members.

Community Outreach - Sabbath School helps members catch a vision of the church's mission in the community, train members for service, and inspires them to witness.

World Mission - Sabbath School presents a clear vision of the global mission of the church. They promote a personal, systematic, and self-denying commitment to the support of world missions and foster in members a desire to help fulfill the gospel commission.


Sabbath School Director - Sefanaia Turava

2017 Quarter 1
The Holy Spirit and Spiritually