777 - Worldwide Holy Spirit Prayer FellowshipSeventh-day Adventists praying seven days a week at 7 (a.m. or p.m.) for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit’s power and presence. Praying any hour on the hour a person will join with thousands of others in another time zone around the world bringing unity. “A chain of earnest praying believers should encircle the world . . . to pray for the Holy Spirit.” RH, January 3, 1907. -

New Year’s Eve/Day Worldwide Day of Prayer culminates a week-long series of television programs on Hope Channel that allows every church member around the world to participate in seeking God for a revival experience in 2011. 

Worldwide Days for Prayer and Fasting—First Sabbath of each quarter designated as days of prayer and fasting for the world church. Encourage families and individuals to establish the first day of each month and one day a week as normal or partial fast days. Support information and helps being developed by the Prayer and Fasting Subcommittee.

Operation Global Rain, a ten-day worldwide prayer/spiritual emphasis January 5-15, 2011 as follow-up to January 1 day of prayer. This serves as a foundation for all Tell the World initiatives.