When God called His church into existence his purpose was for it to grow and mature. He gave it the task of taking the gospel to all the world. Becoming a conference is one part of fullfilling this work. It is taking seriously the challenge that God has given His church, the challenge to grow up into fullness of Christ and be responsible in fullfulling His mission (Eph 4:12,13) Growing in maturity, then, is part of Gods plan for His church.

There are many question church members have when there is talk about becoming a conference. it is hoped that the information provided on this web page will answer most of your questions.

How is a conference different to a mission?

This is a good question and not always easy to answer. When a mission becomes a conference you can expect the following changes to occur.

  • You elect your own conference president, secretary and treasurer
  • You have greater control of operations
  • You will have greater involvement with the development of church policy
  • You have more responsibility for financial management
  • You have greater interest in the needs of the world church
  • You have your own Constitution based on the General Conference model constitution.

A conference is self-reliant which means that is does not depend on outside financial help for its day to day operating (i.e operates on its own income). it contributes to the operation and support of the world church. A conference is also required to manage its own affairs at a high level of  efficiency.