Ambassadors is a new level of senior youth leadership that provides a structured and organised way for 16-21 year olds to become actively involved in their church, both locally and globally. 


Since its inception, the Seventh-day Adventist Youth Ministry Department has served the youth through three levels; namely, Adventurer Club for 6-9 year olds; Pathfinder Club for 10-15 year olds; and Senior Youth/Young Adults for 16-31+ year olds.  However, divisions noted that the young people who complete the Pathinder requirements are left without a program that meets their needs.  They do not want to leave the Pathinder club, but at the same time they do not feel old enough to associate themselves with the Senior Youth/Young Adults.  In the absence of an established level for this group several divisions have been running their own programs, however at the 2001 World Youth Leadership Convention a very important action was taken, charging the General Conference Youth Department to develop materials for a New Level to meet the need of the youth, aged 16-21, in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  This program is the outcome of this action.  Great appreciation goes to world divisions that have contributed to the material in this manual.



To download a copy of the Ambassador Club Manual click here.