REACH UP   (Objectives 1-3)

REACH UP to God for spiritual renewal  through prayer and  study of the Word,  highly valuing the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our midst 

1. To develop in every individual a personal relationship with their God through personal Bible study and prayer 

2.To develop contextual worship practices that are built on biblical principles and Seventh-day Adventist foundations 

3.To refocus on being a Church that is known and respected for its sound Biblical understanding and Teaching



                                                                    REACH ACROSS (Objectives 4-7)

REACH ACROSS  to each other in the church family, embracing our unity and diversity, discipling, nurturing, building community relationships, improving structure and being involved in the life of the church.

4.To identify, train and develop Leaders in the church

5 .To promote and enhance church unity across cultural and generational levels

6.To promote and improve organisational effectiveness

7.To utilise the resources of the church


                                                                                             REACH OUT (Objectives 8-10)

REACH OUT to others as a friendly church putting Christ’s mission first, inviting all peoples to fellowship and making a difference through service to the community.

8.To promote and support the vigorous proclamation of the Gospel

9. To  meet the needs of the community 

10.To lift the Church profile