Fiji Mission Strategic Plan 2011-2015

Following the adoption of the 3 Strategic Themes by the worldwide Church of Reach Up, Reach Across and Reach Out the Mission commenced extensive consultations with a wide cross-section of the Church community in Fiji to ensure effective buy-in and commitment from the membership.

As a result 10 Strategic Objectives were identified and which were then referred to all local churches for their consideration.

To activate the process at local church level each church was requested to carry out a SWOT analysis of its situation. This would then, among other things, identify the needs of the church and the church then deliberately proposes its activities priorities for the next 5 years in line with its needs identified in the SWOT exercise.

On a year by year basis the churches are requested to review their situations and make amendments to their planned activities for the following year accordingly.

The SWOT exercise, on the other hand, identifies the needs of the churches and, together with its leadership and under the supervision of its Pastor list the activities to be undertaken throughout the year as well as taking stock of the availability of the resources both within the local church setting and at the wider church level.

Following the completion of this process at local church level the needs are communicated to the Mission which then summarises and takes account of the needs of all the churches and draws up the Mission’s Yearly Planner for the following year.

In relation to this whole process a set of Benchmarks were then prepared in consultation with various levels of the church hierarchy and these  form the monitoring tools for the churches to assess their growth and adherence to the 3 Strategic Themes as well as the 10 Strategic Objectives.

The whole process begins afresh at the end of the year and in preparation for the new year.




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